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Pharmachem GmbH & Co. KG looks back on a eventful 50-year history as a pharmaceuticals manufacturer.

The foundation of today’s pharmaceutical production was laid in the “Obere Stadtapotheke” pharmacy in Pößneck between 1966 and 1968. In the beginning, eye and nose drops were produced under aseptic conditions for self-supply and as a service for two other pharmacies in the district town of Pößneck under the direction of the managing partners „Pharmazierat“ (PhR) Helmut Röhnisch and PhR Gernot Sändig. This was the basis for the development of an independent manufacturing department that finally had a range of 68 products.

In 1980 the manufacturing department was separated both commercially and spatially from the pharmacy even though it remained in the same building. In addition to the six pharmacies of the district of Pößneck, the manufacturing department henceforth also supplied the seven pharmacies of the neighbouring district of Rudolstadt with bulk ware and pharmaceuticals.

When the „Pharmazeutisches Zentrum“ Pößneck was founded on 1 January 1985, the individual pharmacies and the key areas of economics, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, central raw material storage / quality assurance became the centre’s economically independent but centrally managed departments.

This period of intense local cooperation between the pharmacies and the health facilities ended in 1990 through the privatisation of the pharmacies and the liquidation of the key areas of the „Pharmazeutisches Zentrum“.

The pharmacists Helmut Röhnisch and Gernot Sändig founded PHARMA GmbH out of the remains of the „Pharmazeutisches Zentrum“ and submitted an application for its registration in the commercial register. The company has been independent since 1 March 1991 and has continued to ensure supplies of pharmaceuticals. Despite all difficulties and prejudices, PHARMA GmbH’s turnover rose and thus confirmed the soundness of its concept.

Close relations were established to the pharmaceutical wholesale trade in August 1991. In addition, various freight carriers have been integrated on a contractual basis to ensure stable supplies to the steadily growing customer base.

Our products find growing interest among patients and continue to justify the confidence of physicians through a traditionally constant, excellent quality and the bonus of all health insurance funds in terms of cost effectiveness and price stability.

Pharmachem GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2007 to take over the pharmaceuticals production from Pharma GmbH Pößneck. Thanks to the active commitment of the new CEO Dr. Ernst-Josef Strätling, Pharmachem GmbH & Co. KG not only sees itself as the successor of PHARMA GmbH in the manufacture of approved pharmaceuticals, medical products and cosmetics but also as a contract manufacturer for renowned partners. At the same time, the company is also a backbone of the 100-year old Thuringian family-owned company Hofmann & Sommer.

Pharmachem GmbH & Co. KG features as a competence centre for ointments, creams and emulsions within the group of companies.

In order to increase the production capacities of Pharmachem and expand the range of services, a second production facility was put into operation in 2015 on the neighboring site of Naßäckerstraße 35. In just eleven months of construction and set-up time, a new production facility for liquid medicines was built out of an empty industrial hall. This was ceremoniously inaugurated and put into operation
on August 7, 2015.

A modern administrative and production building.
A woman at a filling machine for ointments and creams.
A bag, a can and bottles with finished drugs in a storage rack.
A production building from the outside.
Pharmachem GmbH & Co.KG