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More then 20 years of experience in homeopathy

Since over 20 years we are producing homeopathic complex remedies on behalf of homeopathic doctors and naturopaths under the name "Hofmann's® Homeopathic medicines". The spectrum ranges from liquid preparations (drops) over globules up to ointments.

We work together with approximately 250 traditional alternative practitioners throughout the country. Our portfolio includes around 10,000 different formulations, of which we produce currently about 2,000 regularly.


Patient individual, manual production

After the prescription of the complex remedies by a homeopathic doctor or alternative practitioner, the patient goes to a pharmacy of their choice and order the preparation or preparations from us. Only then we will begin with the manual production of the individual prescription for the patient.

Production is carried out in strict accordance with the homeopathic pharmacopoeia (HAB) by our qualified personnel and in premises with special equipment. From mother tinctures and dilutions we  prepare the homeopathic agents according to § 38 para. 1 sentence 3 of the Medicines Act (AMG).

After the production and careful quality controls the products are delivered directly to the ordering pharmacy. So we can guarantee the fastest possible availability for the patient. Usually the homeopathic medicines can be collected after three days at the pharmacy.

A modern administrative and production building.
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