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A woman putting lotion on her shoulder with Emulind® Intensive gel.

The specific feature of Emulind® skincare series is the combination of Australian emu oil with thermal mineral water and Panthenol. The medicinal water of the „Thermal-Mineralquelle Rhön“ and the emu oil complement each other to form outstanding skin care properties.

The high content of emu oil results in a noticeable but non-sticking grease film. Therefore, the intensive gel is mainly used for burns (also sunburns), muscle and joint pain as well as sports injuries and sprains.

Ingredients: petrolatum, dromiceius oil, glycerin, panthenol, aqua (thermal spring water), lanolin alcohol, sorbitan oleate, urea, glycerolmonooleat 40, tocopheryl acetate

Intensive gel50 mlPZN 069909824 months durable
Intensive gel200 mlPZN 069911224 months durable
Emulind® Intensive gel
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